Expert Webinar Series: Profiling Carbanak: Understanding the APT in the Financial Space

Tue, May 1, 2018 9:56 AM EDT


An in-depth look at a recent Carbanak intrusion, an APT style campaign targeting financial institutions by phishing emails, and the TTPs related to the broader context of the last two years.

This session includes in depth discussion about the creation of Linux and Windows tools that utilize the same command line execution. As well as an illustration of how quickly the actor can modify toolsets to bypass defenses at speed.  We will go over four Carbanak engagements that correlates those observations in an emerging threat profile, and the recent trends in initial exploitation, toolset utilization, actions on objective, lateral movement, and addition of new verticals.

Join us to learn more about the identification of operationalization associated with the latest Carbanak intrusion.

Jack Riley | Principal Threat Hunting & Incident Response Analyst | RSA

Mandy Misko | FS-ISAC
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