The Key to Eliminating Bias in Genetic Studies Could be in Our Spit

In recent years, saliva has emerged as an increasingly useful source of DNA, making its mark in epigenetic studies of psychiatric diseases, diagnosing HIV, and in the rise of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. The ease of which a saliva samples can be collected and its ability to be stored at room temperature without DNA degradation has allowed for the increased inclusion of children and under-represented, non-European populations in genetic studies.

Our panel of experts come together to discuss the benefits and drawbacks on the use of saliva DNA in genetic studies and how it’s currently being used to diminish biases in our databases and uncovering the role of epigenetics in psychiatric disorders.

Joining our panel of researchers are the experts on sample collection, DNA Genotek’s Director of Genomics Program, Mr. Scott Rabuka, and Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Rafal Iwasiow. These speakers will share what has been learned about optimizing sample collection from working with thousands of researchers and clinicians worldwide.

  • Dr. Joan O’Brien, chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Ophthalmology, Scheie Eye Institute, Philadelphia, and primary investigator of POAAGG
  • Dr. Alicia Smith, Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine
  • Scott Rabuka, Director, Genomics Program, DNA Genotek
  • Rafal Iwasiow, VP of Research and Development, DNA Genotek

Tue, Apr 10, 2018 5:00 PM BST

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