Posture, the Cervical Spine and the PostureZone® Model —— StrongPosture® Strategies to Assess Function, Reduce Pain, Improve Performance and Promote Successful Aging

Tue, Nov 28, 2017 2:15 PM EST

Posture problems from texting, typing and excessive sitting are creating social awareness and driving demand for clinicians who specialize in posture.   Join the posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger,  as he shares why functionally strengthening posture is essential to optimally rehab NMS injuries, as well as to improve balance, sports performance and even how attractive a person looks.  
From chronic neck pain and general rehab to wellness and successful aging, posture specialists know posture is really important for all injury care, as well as for everyones best health. Dr. Weiniger will explain how newly discovered anatomic structures connect deep spinal muscles with the dural spinal meninges, shining a light on the importance of addressing cervical posture for all NMS focused clinicians.  The powerful implications are underlined by a recent cervical radiculopathy study that found integrating passive therapy with active “neck specific exercises with a cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT) approach” produced similar improvements to anterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery!

Caring for their posture is a message people are ready to hear.  Find out how to promote that message with the posture guru who’s trained DCs and CPEP®s (Certified Posture Exercise Professionals®) in live seminars globally as he shares actionable ways to document and communicate the structure of posture for cervical spine assessment, rehab and wellness.  

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