How much compliance is "ENOUGH?"

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 2:14 PM EST

Dr. Ty, the HIPAA Guy, has just returned from the Washington, DC Cybersecurity symposium held in September 2017. The healthcare world has changed! At this upcoming webinar, he will reveal the "new attitude" in Washington. This is a POSITIVE for doctors who have taken documentable efforts to meet legally-required standards and establish proper compliance programs. The news is not as good for those who continue to ignore and/or not document efforts in ALL of the required areas of compliance. 
The rapid onset of Ransomware that is hitting chiropractors as well as other industries has created a new threat level, and the government has responded. Come hear the newest information about how to go about solidifying your programs to protect yourself. And hear some of the more interesting stories about how people get caught.
You will learn:
* The latest information, directly from the September 2017 government Cybersecurity Symposium
* How people get caught, the types of fines they face, and how to protect against them
* Required contents of a HIPAA compliance manual
* Required HIPAA policies (about 100 pages in the typical chiropractic office)

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