The New Collateral Management Ecosystem: How to Simplify the Trade to Settlement Journey

A Webcast November 16th 2017 at 10am NY/ 3pm UK / 4pm Paris 

Join the Nov 16th DerivSource webinar and get a glimpse of the future - the new industry ecosystem that streamlines front to back processes from trading through collateral to settlement. Lombard Risk and key infrastructure providers will explore how both buy and sell-side firms can simplify margin infrastructure and increase automation via connected technologies and services. How can a collateral management hell transform into collateral ‘comfort’ and maybe even heaven?  

Collateral management is becoming increasingly complex with the continuing post-crisis drive to create a risk-less environment which has instead brought on more regulation, increased margin volumes and of course, operational costs. Although the current collateral management environment is far from the risk-free heaven regulators envisioned, a ground-breaking industry ecosystem has emerged to address complexity and deliver operational efficiency, risk reduction and the scalability necessary to meet these new demands.

In this webinar, a panel of leading market participants will explore what the new ecosystem for collateral management should look like for both buy and sell-side firms; and how firms are simplifying their margin infrastructure to streamline processes from the front to back offices and across all asset classes. The panel will explore the internal and external challenges that firms face as they look to adopt a future-ready front to back  operation. Industry participants with responsibility for trading, collateral management, or settlement are encouraged to join this webinar to learn more about the market utilities and new multifunctional technologies, such as cloud-based hub solutions that can deliver an advanced level of automation to firms in various trade and margin processes, whilst providing the necessary risk reduction required to meet new regulations.

-Tina Wilkinson, Global Head of Product, Lombard Risk
Roberto Verrillo, Head of Strategy and Markets, Elixium 

- Elena Staff, Executive Director for Global Collateral, DTCC
- John Southgate, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust

Moderator: Julia Schieffer,

Please note: This webinar is for general information only. It is not a full analysis of the matters presented and should not be relied upon as legal or investment advice. Please also refer to the’s terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our webinars and attendance.

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