FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series - Securing the Human Layer

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 9:59 AM EST

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The intersection between technology and human security is a difficult challenge for any organization to tackle. We live in a universe of threats where web and email use can trigger catastrophic cyber-attacks. Although detection technologies are advancing, criminals are rapidly evolving their techniques to even greater levels of sophistication. Attacks using OAuth, Data URI, PDF credential phish and PunyCode are now difficult to detect, even security administrators themselves fall victim.

This Expert Webinar Series takes a deeper look at the intersection of the human element and technology. People are the linchpin – they sit at the beginning and the end of any meaningful interaction. This session will explore the value of better understanding human requirements, patterns and needs when using technology to build a more secure operating environment. Hear practical advice on how to make both security and technology work with (rather than against) human nature to help reduce technology friction and simultaneously raise the security posture and resilience of the organization. Additionally, learn how browser isolation can help create a more secure human technology environment.

Perry Carpenter | Chief Evangelist & Strategy Officer | Knowbe4
Kowsik Guruswamy | CTO | Menlo Security

Paula Fetterman | VP of Security Information Services | FS-ISAC

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