FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series - Enabling Secure Communication and Collaboration

Tue, Jul 25, 2017 11:00 AM EDT

In today’s corporate security environment, one of the hardest things to do at scale is to protect sensitive content at a file and document level, both for data at rest and data in motion. Over the years many solutions have been attempted including access controls, encryption, logging and monitoring, digital rights management, data loss prevention and more. This Expert Webinar will present several financial services specific case studies with deep dive details on securing data in order to:
  1. Protect customer personal data for DSS PCI Compliance
  2. Defend an agent network during regulatory audit activity requiring some data to pass to offshore resources
  3. Secure investor relations specific data
  4. Add extra protection to wealth management advisory services
In addition, the webinar will cover:
-Specific details of the latest regulations and policies around data protection
-Key business drivers for secure utilization of sensitive corporate data
-Current risk factors and requirements for safely sharing data
-The latest approaches to securing data within the network and within cloud-based applications
-The latest thinking on how to enable remote access and third party access to sensitive data
-How to protect information as it flows across sectors (for example financial services sharing information with legal firms)

Host & Moderator:
Rick Lacafta | former CISO at Travelers Insurance

Jeff Holleran | Vice President, Corporate Strategy | Blackberry
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