The Rise of Total Return Futures: What You Need to Know

A Webcast June 20th 2017 at 10am NY/ 3pm UK / 4pm Paris 
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In a webinar June 20th 2017, Eurex and DerivSource explore the emergence of the Total Return Future and how both buy and sell-side market participants can use this newly designed futurised swap as part of wider trading strategies and to achieve greater margin efficiency.

The market is warming to futurised swaps which deliver margin efficiency and new trading opportunities for the derivatives market. One such new product taking the market by storm is the Total Return Future (TRF). In an educational webinar, a panel will explain this how this newly designed futurised differs from Total Return Swap (TRS), how it operates and is being incorporated into trading strategies today among both buy and sell-side market participants. Financial professionals at banks, brokers, asset managers at pension funds are encouraged to attend to hear the panel review the following topics:

•  TRS vs. TRF – what is the difference between a total return future and a total return swap?
•  TRFs today – what is the current market volume of TRFs and how is this evolving?
•  Futurisation – what are the regulatory and market drivers behind the growing use of futurised swaps, such as the TRF?
•  Trading opportunities –how can both sell and buy-side firms use TRFs as part of wider trading strategies?
•  Advantages – what are the benefits of using TRFs, such as margin efficiency?
•  Looking ahead – how will TRFs play a role in the markets going forward? What are the expectations for growth of this futurised swap?


Stuart Heath, Director Equity & Index R&D, Eurex
Nicolas von Kageneck, Senior Vice President Sales Equity & Index, Deutsche Boerse Group, representative office France
Nicolas Certner, Delta One Index Trader, BNP Paribas
Antoine Porcheret, Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist, 
BNP Paribas

Please note: This webinar is for general information only. It is not a full analysis of the matters presented and should not be relied upon as legal or investment advice. Please also refer to the’s terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our webinars and attendance.
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