Direct Relationship Between Transients and Wire Breaks

Thu, Feb 9, 2017 2:00 PM EST

Image shows the 72 in. diameter North Coast Superaqueduct carries water 70 km form Arecibo to San Juan. Just after construction, the aqueduct experienced failure of two pipe segments during a transient pressure event.

The webinar will address the issue that transient activity within water pipelines causes wire breaks in pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipelines (PCCP). The webinar will then go on to discuss how the cause of the transients can be determined and how, by avoiding the transients, owners can reduce wire breaks and reduce the risk of pipeline failure.

It will feature case studies that show how high resolution pressure monitors can identify and locate the cause of damaging, previously undetected, transient activity.  It will spell out the benefits obtained from the remedial work consequently undertaken, which result in a reduction of breaks and in operating costs.

Sponsored by: Syrinix

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