Accelerate Your Big Data Strategy with Deep Learning

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Current business models have big data at their core. As the amount of data generated continues to increase exponentially, the ability to extract insights becomes even more critical. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) is leading the next wave of industry transformation, helping companies go from data deluge to data hungry.

Hear from industry experts at NVIDIA and Dell as they share insights on how to get the most value from your data using modern AI technologies. Join us online to learn:

  • How organizations can accelerate your big data strategies with Deep Learning, the fastest growing field in artificial intelligence (AI).
  • How using data-driven algorithms powered by GUP accelerators, companies can get faster insights.
  • How companies can see dynamic correlations, and achieve actionable knowledge about your business.

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Paul Teich
Principal Analyst
TIRIAS Research

Will Ramey
Senior Product Manager,

GPU Computing


Tim Studt
Contibuting Editor
R&D Magazine

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