Finding Common Ground: Collaborating with Payers to Support Integration

Thu, May 19, 2016 3:00 PM EDT

Integrated care is more than a partnership between primary and behavioral health care agencies – it is also a partnership with payers. By engaging in meaningful conversations about the long-term goals of integrating primary and behavioral health care, providers and payers can create mutually beneficial solutions that support cost savings and improved health. How do you find common ground with potential partners to achieve your integrated care goals? Join this webinar to learn the key strategies to connecting with payers and establishing meaningful partnerships. Get tips and insights from a payer and behavioral health providers on how they established partnerships to support behavioral health and primary care integration.

After this webinar, participants will:
  • Understand key messages needed to establish meaningful relationships with payers.
  • Have practical strategies to meet payers where they are and leverage these relationships to support integrated care initiatives.
  • Recognize the steps to how one behavioral health organization successfully engaged payers.
  • Identify key measures that demonstrate the return on investment of integrated care.
  • Jim May, PBHCI Project Director, Richmond Behavioral Health Association
  • Patrick Gordon, Associate Vice President, Rocky Mountain Health Plans
  • Sharon Raggio, CEO, Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital
  • Amy Gallagher, Director of Integrated Care and Whole Health, Mind Springs Health
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Please note the following:

  • Registration is free and closed captioning is available upon request.

  • The audio for this webcast is via computer speakers and not telephone. We recommend using external speakers for desktop computers to ensure best audio quality. Test your system here >>

  • The SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions does not provide certificates of attendance or continuing education credits for webinar attendance.

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