Ask the Expert - The Role of Developmental Pediatricians in Diagnosing & Treating ADHD

Wed, Aug 27, 2014 3:00 PM EDT 

Tanya Froehlich, MD











Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians (DB Peds) are pediatricians with special training in diagnosing and treating developmental and behavioral disorders.  This webinar will review situations in which DB Peds can be particularly helpful, such as when there are concerns about disorders mimicking ADHD or occurring comorbid with ADHD.  Some examples of such disorders may be:

  • learning disorders
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • mental health conditions (e.g., anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior)
  • neurologic disorders
  • genetic disorders   

In addition, we will discuss DB Peds’ diverse tools for ADHD treatment, which includes not just medications, but also behavioral interventions at home, school behavioral and learning supports, and lifestyle modifications aimed at optimizing diet, physical activity, and sleep.


About Dr. Tanya Froehlich:

Dr. Tanya Froehlich is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who cares for school age children with learning and behavioral issues.  She is also an accomplished researcher and Associate Professor at the University Of Cincinnati Department Of Pediatrics.  Her research has a special focus on ADHD, particularly the causes, treatment and public health impact of the disorder. 

Interested in understanding why certain children may be more vulnerable to ADHD than others, she also studies the contribution of environmental exposures to ADHD.   In Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, she published the first study to investigate the effects of prenatal tobacco exposure and childhood lead exposure on ADHD.  She has also demonstrated that the association between poverty and ADHD is partially explained by the effects of these common environmental toxins.

 Dr. Froehlich works to enhance care for children with ADHD through teaching and other professional activities.  She has served as an invited speaker providing seminars for professionals and workshops for families in international, national, and regional forums.  Currently, Dr. Froehlich co-chairs the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics ADHD Special Interest Group, and coordinates ADHD-related projects and educational seminars for the Society membership in this capacity.

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