Ask the Expert - ADHD, African Americans and Success: The lived experience of actress Wendy Davis

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 3:00 PM EDT Wendy Davis

Actress Wendy Davis, star of Lifetime’s “Army Wives,” has said that having “ADHD makes you different, not defective.”

Growing up, school was a challenge for her and she didn’t always make good decisions. But the opportunity to pursue theater and acting made a difference in her life, leading to a successful career. Join us for a special Ask the Expert Webinar as Ms. Davis shares some of her experiences as an African American affected by ADHD.

"I want to share one more message with the young girl who sent me that Instagram message and with others who are struggling with ADHD/ADD. (And lean forward because this is important)," Ms. Davis recently wrote on CNN's Impact Your World blog. "You're NOT stupid, broken or disordered. Celebrate the good, step over the bad and work around the ugly. Realize that those of us with ADHD/ADD have a skill that allows us to see the world through a unique lens. We are different, not defective."

Hear more from Ms. Davis and join in the discussion about her experiences as an African American affected by ADHD and how she overcame her challenges to because a star on popular televisions programs.

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